HARBOUR (2017)

For a screener, please contact me at stefaniekolk@gmail.com.

Short film (NTR Kort! funding scheme)
Produced by Submarine Film. 
August 2017  |  13 min / Director, Writer

International promotion: EYE INTERNATIONAL's Selected Dutch Shorts.
Selected for EYE INTERNATIONAL's "Korte Film Poule" programme, to be released in Dutch theatres (summer 2018).
Listed among Cineuropa's "Best European Shorts of 2017
Listed among Filmkrant's "
De Beste Films van 2017"

Two industrial painters are at work in the Rotterdam harbour. The discovery of a dead body in the water forces them to reflect on their situation. 

Film festival selections

  • World premiere at the 70th Locarno International Film Festival 2017, Switzerland, (EFA-qualifying) Pardi di Domani International Short Film Competition.

  • Netherlands premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival 2017, The Netherlands, Golden Calf Competition.

  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2017, Sweden, International Competition.

  • Leeds International Film Festival 2017, United Kingdom, (Oscar-qualifying) Louis le Prince International Competition.

  • IndieCork Festival of Independent Film 2017, Ireland, World Shorts Competition.

  • Zagreb Film Festival 2017, Croatia, International Competition.

  • NDU International Film Festival 2018, Lebanon, International Competition.

  • London International Short Film Festival 2018, International Competition.

  • Glasgow International Short Film Festival 2018, International Competition.

  • Sharm el Sheikh Arab & European Film Festival 2018, Egypt, International Short Film Competition.

  • Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2018, The Netherlands, Dutch Competition

  • Drunken Film Festival 2018, Bradford, United Kingdom.

  • 23e Festival International de Contis 2018, France, European Shorts Competition.

  • FEST | New Directors New Films Festival 2018, Portugal, Silver Lynx Competition.

  • La Guarimba International Film Festival 2018, Italy, International Competition.

  • Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival 2018, Brazil, International Competition.

  • BRNO16 2018, Czech Republic, International Competition.

  • Wroclaw Film Foundation SPEKTRUM Film Festival 2018, Poland, International Competition.

  • 24th Athens International Film Festival 2018, Greece, Short Stories.

  • 35th Tehran International Short Film Festival 2018, Iran, International Competition.

  • Europe on Screen 2019, touring 5 cities in Indonesia, Dutch Feature Short Programme.