HARBOUR (2017)

For a screener, please contact me at stefaniekolk@gmail.com.

Short film, produced by Submarine Film. Funded through the Kort! funding program.
August 2017  |  13 min / Director, Writer

Two industrial painters are at work in the Rotterdam harbour. The discovery of a dead body in the water forces them to reflect on their situation. 

Festival selections

  • World premiere at the 70th Locarno International Film Festival 2017, Switzerland, (EFA-qualifying) Pardi di Domani International Short Film Competition.
  • Netherlands premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival 2017, The Netherlands, Golden Calf Competition.
  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2017, Sweden, International Competition.
  • Leeds International Film Festival 2017, United Kingdom, (Oscar-qualifying) Louis le Prince International Competition.
  • IndieCork Festival of Independent Film 2017, Ireland, World Shorts Competition.
  • Zagreb Film Festival 2017, Croatia, International Competition.
  • London International Short Film Festival 2018, International Competition.
  • NDU International Film Festival 2018, Lebanon, International Competition.