Copy of Stefanie Kolk, Filmmaker

Stefanie Kolk is a film director based in Amsterdam. She recently graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy with short film Clan (2016), which was selected for the Pardi di Domani international short film competition at the International Film Festival Locarno.

Stefanie Kolk is een regisseur, afgestudeerd aan de Nederlandse Filmacademie met korte film Clan. Clan werd geselecteerd voor het Internationaal Filmfestival Locarno.

EYES on the road (    )

Forthcoming short, in pre-production at New AMS Film Company. 
Funded through the Netherlands Film Fund talent development programme.
~15 min / Director, Writer.



HARBOUR (2017)

Forthcoming short, in post-production at Submarine Film. 
Funded through the Kort! funding program.

~ 13 min / Director, Writer

Two industrial painters are at work in the Rotterdam harbor. The discovery of a dead body in the water forces them to reflect on their situation. 

Harbour Still 3.jpg

Clan (2016)

23 min / Director, Writer
Graduation film at the Netherlands Film Academy, July 2016.

Festival selections

  • World premiere at the 69th Locarno International Film Festival, Pardi di Domani International Short Film Competition.
  • The Best Short Films of Locarno showcase at Phi Centre 2016, Montréal, Canada. 
  • Netherlands Film Festival 2016, Student Film Competition.
  • NDU International Film Festival 2016, Lebanon, International Competition.  
  • Leeds International Film Festival 2016, United Kingdom, International Short Film Competition. 
  • Silkroad International Film Festival 2017, Dublin, Ireland.
    Winner: Best Student Fiction Film.
  • Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017, United Kingdom, International Competition. 
  • Busan International Short Film Festival 2017, South Korea, International Competition.
  • International Young Directors' Film Festival 2017, Xi'an, China.
  • 35th Huesca International Film Festival 2017, Spain, International Competition.
  • Eurasia International Film Festival 2017, Kazakhstan, International Short Competition.
  • La Guarimba International Film Festival 2017, Italy, International Competition.

To request a screener, please contact Wouter Jansen at


Handen (2016)

18 min / Director

Festival selections

  • Kinoproba Fest 2016, Russia. 
  • Go Short International Short Film Festival 2017, The Netherlands. Programme: Talents.

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Ten Days Before Spring (2012)

11 min / Director, Writer

Festival selections and screenings

  • Momomatsuri 2011. Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka, Japan.
  • Roppongi Art Night 2011. Tokyo, Japan.
  • International Women's Film Festival 2012. Seoul, South-Korea. >> Archive
  • Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival. Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Netherlands Film Festival 2012. >> Archive