Stefanie Kolk, filmmaker

Stefanie Kolk is a film director based in Amsterdam. She recently graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy with short film Clan (2016), which was selected for the Pardi di Domani international short film competition at the International Film Festival Locarno.

Stefanie Kolk is een regisseur, afgestudeerd aan de Nederlandse Filmacademie met korte film Clan. Clan werd geselecteerd voor het Internationaal Filmfestival Locarno.

Shot by Miriam Mazal

Shot by Miriam Mazal

Stefanie is a filmmaker and screenwriter based in Amsterdam.

Stefanie studied biophysics and lived in Japan for two years before entering the Netherlands Film Academy. She graduated in 2016 with Clan, which premiered at Locarno International Film Festival as part of the Pardi di Domani International Short Film Competition. Her new short Harbour, which received government funding as part of the NTR Kort! funding scheme, premiered at Locarno in the same competition the next year. Stefanie's films have shown at festivals around the world, in Dutch cinemas and on Dutch national television. A Berlinale Talents 2019 alumna, she is working on her upcoming short film Eyes on the Road and is developing a feature film.

Eyes on the Road (exp. 2018) 15 min
Harbour (2017) 13 min
Clan (2016) 23 min
Handen (2016) 19 min
Ten Days Before Spring (2012) 11 min

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